Make better data-driven decisions

Give your data consumers faster access to the freshest and most complete data, all on their own terms.

Change the Physics of Data

Data is growing fast across multi-cloud silos with access demands—for legacy modernization, CI/CD, AI/ML and more—only increasing. Delphix Continuous Data contains sprawl and delivers application data in minutes, not days.

Scalable massive data analytics

The legacy systems in use by organizations today may have been able to handle the beginnings of Big Data, but Massive Data has left them far behind.

Queries of 30 TB bog down data processing operations, and at 100 TB, most organizations are left with no choice but to expand their systems, which is costly, or to cut down on data, losing out on potentially valuable insights.


As Valure, we follow the new developments in the rapidly changing IT world for you. With this experience, we are with you in every process with turnkey projects we make for more efficient use of the hardware, software and/or services that make up the IT infrastructure, and with periodic, on-site and/or remote customer visits we make for system improvements.

Managed Services

Our expert IT consultants use proven methodologies to help you optimize costs, reduce risk and get a faster return on your IT investments. At Valure, we implement a managed services solution that provides a predictable service model by utilizing best practices.

Outsourcing Management

Today, almost every institution has an IT project, so there is a need for qualified experts in every field of informatics. However, the supply in the field of informatics cannot meet this demand. Therefore, the processes of raising, finding, employing and promoting qualified IT specialists are quite challenging and require professionalization in this field.

Valure provides the most accurate IT specialists for your company’s periodic projects and for qualified specialists in every field of informatics.

Maintenance & Support

We offer fast, effective and reliable maintenance and support services with our employees who are experienced and have certificates in the products they have expertise in.

Valure provides a high level of customer satisfaction by providing the institutions with 24/7 on-site technical support in the shortest time possible, within the framework of various maintenance agreements depending on customer requests.


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