Open Data Lakehouse Platform
Fast, Simple, Secure
Dremio reduces time to insight from weeks to minutes, simplifies data engineering, and future-proofs your data architecture.
A Better BI Experience
Ad-hoc, mission-critical BI – and everything in between – directly on cloud data lake storage, without copying the data into warehouses, marts, extracts or cubes. Data analysts and data scientists are empowered to discover, curate, analyze, and share datasets with a self-service mindset. Users can build interactive dashboards through native Dremio connectors in tools, such as Tableau and Power BI.

Simplify Data Engineering

Eliminate costly, complex, and rigid data pipelines to move and copy data into proprietary data warehouses. Data engineers can focus their time on strategic projects instead of responding to data access and ETL/ELT requests.

Our platform also helps to prevent data sprawl and inconsistent reports, and centralize security and governance through a self-service semantic layer.

Future-Proof Your Data Architecture
Open data architecture allows best-in-class tools to be used directly on cloud data lake storage, eliminate vendor lock-in, and easily adopt new technologies that may emerge in the future.
Journey to self-service analytics
Explore the path to migrate your traditional data architecture to a self-service analytics reference architecture. You can provide a better BI experience without copying data from data lakes into proprietary data warehouses.